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Taylor Web Design

Taylor Web Design is a family owned & operated company with the specific purpose of providing small businesses with Affordable, Quality Web page design, operation and maintenance.

We will design,setup, maintain and operate your website for one flat rate, let us be your webmaster. Just give us the information and we'll design a professional web page personaly tailored to meet your needs.

The process is simple and painless. We have a consultation to discuss your needs, because if we don't understand your business and your business needs, we won't be able to design the appropriate website for your business. From there we will present several different suggestions. Once a design format is agreeded upon, we get all of your information and go to work. All work is reviewed and corrections made, before search engine submissions are made.


- No hosting fee...up to 11 MB of space.
- Free e-mail account if needed
- Dommain registation (.com,.net) $100.00 (covers first two years of fees) *optional
- Website setup and design
- Up to 6 hyper-links
- Up to 6 pictures (scanned or e-mailed .jpg or .gif)
- Up to 350 words per page
- One e-mail link
- Quarterly search engine submissions to Excite, Webcrawler, Lycos, Hotbot, AlataVista, Aol, Yahoo, Infooseek
- **Monthly data updates, keep information current. **(Not Page Redisgn)
- Friendly personal service


- Flat Rate Setup / Operation & Maintenace Fee with all the above Services. Prices below include $100.00 Domain Name registration fee

One Homepage & 1- 5 Supporting Pages....$240.00 - $520.00
One Homepage & 6 or greater Supporting for consultation and quote.

Realitors, contact me for rate information!!!

1st year- half due at time of agreement, balance due upon completion.
2nd year and beyond - Personalized maintenance program!!

**One monthly data update limited to 20 mins (simple updates fall with in the 20 min. limit).....Unlimited monthly updates availible, contact me for details**

Please Contact Chris Taylor with any questions, or phone me (410) 354-7288.